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Local teen trains for 2020 summer Olympics

Amarillo, TX - An Amarillo teen is getting ready for a special sport training session. 15 year old Caleb wall will be attending his first Olympic BMX bike training event in Chula Vista, California.

But his main goal is to use this training as a step to make it into the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. He's not just any bike rider. Caleb Wall developed his passion for BMX biking at the age of five. "I started out playing baseball believe it or not, then my dad took me out to the BMX track and so I just grew up doing that for my whole life and he use to do it."

His dad is BMX champion, Danny Wall. And Caleb says he has played a huge role as his father and a coach and deserves most of the credit for his success so far. "Well we have a really close relationship, he's my coach and so usually coach and parent doesn't work out but we have a strong relationship so it usually does and he trains me hard and I listen to him so it's pretty good."

It hasn't always been easy for young Walls. Caleb has been in the hospital six different times: three times for a broken collar bone, once for a busted spleen, a fractured wrist and recently for a concussion. But he says nothing beats the love and passion he has for BMX riding.

"It's just a rush, an adrenaline rush where you feel like you're free and I don't know when you are in the air it feels really cool and everybody wants to fly."

Caleb will be on his way to California for his week long training session on Sunday. He will be training off gates three stories high and 40 foot long jumps
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