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New water restrictions for local farmers

Panhandle farmers will face new water regulations next January.

The High Plains Underground Water District just approved changes that limit farmers to 18 inches an acre annually.

We spoke with the president of the board of the High Plains Underground Water District, Lynn Tate, who says, this is all in an effort to conserve water.

"Primarily our water users pump out of the Ogallala aquifer and the Santa Rosa and as everyone knows they are decreasing and our goal is to conserve those aquifers as long as we c,an" said Tate.

We spoke with a local farmer, David Cleavinger, who says he is in support of these new water restrictions for farmers and hopes this will prevent state regulations.

"We feel like it is a lot more important to have local control with your local district, than for the state to come out and make one state plan. What works in San Antonio may not work here. We feel like this is a workable plan and that this will conserve water for the future of the Texas Panhandle" said Cleavinger.

Cleavinger says he thinks the new changes will be a good thing for our area in the long run. "Without the help of mother nature it could affect some areas, but we feel with the average rainfall we get a year these new regulations we will be okay."
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