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A local veteran is claiming the Amarillo VA lost his important documents

Amarillo, TX - Ryan Beasley reached out to NewsChannel 10 about his missing paperwork, and hopes the VA will help him get what he needs.

Beasley says this paperwork is important because without it, he can't get his driver's license."I'm really frustrated, I'm just trying to hold it together," said Beasley.

When Beasley went to get a new driver's license picture, he ended up having his license suspended."Since I was honesty and told the DPS I have a psychiatric condition and I'm taking medication," said Beasley.

The D-P-S gave Beasley paperwork to approved by his doctor at the VA."Just stating that I'm basically sane enough to drive," said Beasley.Beasley claims he sent the paperwork to the VA in late May to be looked at. Weeks later, he says the VA told him his documents were not there."They don't acknowledge having any recollection of this at all," said Beasley.

We reached out to the Amarillo VA about this issue, but they couldn't discuss how often something like this happens. Public Relations director for the Amarillo VA, Barbara Moore says they don't have numbers of how many documents go missing. Instead she told us about ways to protect yourself from being in this kind of situation. "We've got many systems in place like electronic records, so their medical record are all electronic and there is very little paperwork," said Moore.

But when a patient brings in a document that needs to be looked at or approved, like Beasley, patients are urged to make copies."And I would recommend that for almost anything," said Moore.

Moore also says another helpful tool that provides good service for veterans is their "Patient Aligned Care Team" program."Each patient will have a doctor, nurse, LVN, and clerk to help manage the patient's care," said Moore.

So if a patient has a question, they can deal with the same person and develop a relationship. "We want veterans to know that we're here for them and we want them to have all the confidence in the world that we will take care of the needs they have," Moore.

The VA said they will look into Beasley's situation and do whatever they can to help him.
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