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Mobile app provides new and expecting mothers with medication safety

Amarillo, TX - New and expecting mothers can now access immediate information from their phones on whether a medication is safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The new app, MommyMeds, is created by a local physician and was recently published as a product of the Infant Risk Center in Amarillo, one of two centers in the world.

Dr. Thomas Hale, a Professor of Pediatrics and Infant Risk Center Executive Director, has been researching medications for years to establish a database of evidence based information on the use of thousands of medications in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. "I've been developing this database now for more than 30 years, and we have a large data set, that we've now mobilized into an iPhone or iPad and Android app, so that we deliver pieces and parts of that information to mothers instantly,"Hale said.

Hale adds that the app is for women of all economic standing and costs $2. The application provides reliable safety ratings and other information on more than 20,000 drugs, syndromes and other products. "It also has a bar code reader in it so a mother can go into a drug store or a Walmart...she can scan the bar code and it will return instantly the drugs that are present in that product and also tell her whether she can use it while she's pregnant or breastfeeding," Hale said.

He also said mothers can also enter a products name or sort through categories to obtain information as well. As for recalled and new medications to market, Hale said the app is updated every day.

According to Hale, MommyMeds is accessible all over the world and was recognized as an innovative, industry-leading product by a distinguished panel of of CIOs and other executives from renowned U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems.
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