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WTAMU Mass Com. students will get on-air time with Pampa Broadcasters

Amarillo, TX - You may soon be hearing West Texas A&M promotion spots on the airways.

WT's Mass Communication program has recently made an exchange with Pampa Broadcasters Inc. for some on air time. "Instead of having two retired radio consoles that have been collecting dust for the last 8 years, we are going to let them use those and in return we are going to get really hours of promotional time," says Randy Ray, Director of Broadcast Engineering.

These radio consoles were made back in the 1980's and have served for WT's communication program for about 20 years. So the director of broadcast engineering felt these consoles would have better use for area radio stations that once played as his mentor. "My roots are in Pampa, so that's kinda why I created that connection because of my roots and I grew up listening to KGRO and so it's kinda nice to reform that connection and help them because they helped me foster my love for the media business."

The consoles are worth about $600 each. So that exchange pays for about $1200 for hours worth of 30 second on air spots. Ray says this exchange will benefit the students in their projects. "So our students are actually going to be able to create these commercials and create this content and then they'll actually be able to hear it aired."

But the promotional spots are not the only part of the deal. The Pampa Broadcasters asked WT to send over as many interns as possible. "And internships are really really important especially in the media industry," says Ray.

Radio stations under the Pampa Broadcasters Inc. include: KOMX, KGRO and KDRL. These stations airwaves are best heard from the Pampa area to the Oklahoma panhandle.

The communication department at WT says they are looking forward to a successful partnership. "And one of the things we really preach at WT is a good citizen gives back to the community and we are just kinda practicing what we preach by doing this."

The first promotional spot is expected to run sometime in October.
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