Resident's claim to lose thousands to alleged job scam

Resident's claim to lose thousands to alleged job scam

Amarillo, TX - Local residents claim they are victims of a job scam and have lost thousands of dollars to a man with past criminal histories.

Those who said they're victims of this scam contacted NewsChannel 10 with concerns that the man behind the alleged fraud is still taking other people's money. Local residents said Sidney James Brass has conned them out of thousands of dollars through his business, Vikings Trust.

Brass has had run ins with the law before. Brass' records show arrests for theft of stolen property and fraud schemes.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with three residents who call themselves victims of Brass' alleged job scam who said he has been targeting people looking for jobs for quite some time.

Michelle Lard, an alleged victim, said Brass called her three weeks ago to be his officer manager, which she accepted.

"He asked me to put an add on craigslist, or wherever, so I put one on Facebook, asking for account managers," Lard said. "He set up three days worth of interviews at Hastings on Georgia. We hired two girls right off the bat, they ended up being account mangers supposedly of accounts that I guess do not exist."

Lard also said she was unaware of the scheme at the time, and had money taken by Brass as well. The scheme begins with Brass asking employees to manage his accounts and apply for loans.

Ysa McCoy, another resident who claims to be a victim, said Brass makes employees do a series of things to take their money.

"You go in, you cash a check at your bank, so their hands (Vikings Trust) are clean," McCoy said. "You put the loans in your bank account, the loans go to your bank account... you cash the checks, you bring him all the money. It's supposedly to start your profit sharing up and he expects $2,500 from each person to start the profit sharing up."

One of the residents, Cassie Hollingsworth, said she cashed checks made out to her by Brass' employees. However, after taking the money back to him, her bank said her account had been drained hundreds of dollars.

"She did a print out for me and she showed me that a check had bounced for $550, and that's whenever I was like wow...I automatically knew that it was basically a scam," Hollingsworth said.

Residents said after their money has been taken, all contact with the company is cut off because the company changes its phone number.

NewsChannel 10 tried contacting Brass on one of these numbers for comment, however there was no answer.

These residents urge anyone who may have experienced this alleged scam to file a police report.