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FBI director issues warning about "home grown" terrorists

FBI director issues warning about "home grown" terrorists

Dallas, TX - FBI Director James Comey says it's difficult for federal authorities to track how many Americans are trying to go to Syria to join the Civil War there.

Comey was in Dallas to help the FBI office celebrate its 100th anniversary, but the Islamic militants in Iraq and in Syria hindered the sense of celebration.US air strikes are continuing to pound Islamic militants in Iraq to keep them from their campaign of killing.

Comey says Syria has become a safe-haven for terrorists. The FBI is tracking more than 100 Americans who have traveled to Syria.

Many of them he calls home grown terrorists. In just the past four months, federal agents arrested and filed terrorism charges against 19 year old Shannon Conley of Denver, and two Texans.

Comey is comparing Syria now to Afghanistan in the years leading up to the September 11th attacks. Comey also says says the number of counter-terrorism investigations has increased.

The agency is also giving the Dallas office more resources to combat terrorism and other problems.
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