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Terrorism center closes in Oklahoma

Terrorism center closes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK - "Terrorism Prevention" has become a field of it's own, but now a vital piece of that work is ending.

The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism was created after the bombing in 1995. Just based on merits alone, MIPT could be regarded as one of the top training centers in the country, but now all that work will soon end.

In wake of April 19th, 1995, Oklahoma City responded with a three prong approach to counteract that act of terrorism. The institute was created to train local law enforcement on how to prevent terrorists.

For 14 years, the program has relied on federal funding, but now the Department of Homeland Security has cut the institute. Police chiefs all across the metro fear that the program that's trained agencies all over Oklahoma, the NYPD, and Boston police is being forced to close.

A former Oklahoma City mayor worries the closure could be a first step in complacency on terrorism.

The institute also had six patents specifically on how to detect terrorists.

The MIPT was located at Rose State College and plans to keep an office on campus to create a counter terrorism course for students.
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