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Randall County Sheriff's Office facing criticism over video

Video released by the Randall County Sheriff's Office is raising some questions. It shows a portion of an incident involving a deputy shooting an Australian Shepherd dog.

The video doesn't show much. The first few minutes has no audio and the camera does not actually show the dog being shot.

Toni Walker, the owner of Blue the Australian Shepherd, says what the officer did was wrong. "He has a badge which somewhat protects him and I don't think that should protect him from this," said Walker.

The 10 minute video shows a deputy walking from a Canyon residence out of frame. The dog darts out from under an SUV, but what happens next is not on camera.

Randall County Sheriff, Joel Richardson says the camera records all the time, but if after two minutes video is not saved, it drops off. "When this officer shot the dog he activated his body mic which automatically saved the previous two minutes of video, but there was no audio to go with it," said Richardson.

According to reports, the deputy went to the Walkers house because of a complaint that the dog was running loose. When the deputy arrived, Blue was not in violation of the leash law ordinance. The law states that owners must secure their dog on a leash or in yard. If the owners lives on property that is more than 5 acres, they're allowed to run free as long as they stay on the property.

Sheriff Richardson says he offered a $500 check to Walker to help with any vet bills. He also offered to buy her a new dog, but Walker refused. "That's not something that we consider is justice for Blue. So, we are not going to accept the check," said Walker.

Instead Walker created a petition where she thinks she will get some justice for Blue. She has over 1,000 signatures of people who support her and want to get the deputy fired. "My husband, my supporters, and I believe there needs to be consequences," said Walker.

Due to the attention this incident has received, The Randall County Sheriff's Office will change their policy of actions and strategies to help officers no use deadly force against dogs. The new training starts in October.
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