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Canyon's City Pool Improvements could go to a halt

Amarillo, TX - Improvements to Canyon's city pool are being discussed, but community members may have to wait a little longer to see progress.

Last week the city had it's first meeting to talk about the budget and when making improvements to the city pool came up and one of the questions asked was whether it's a good idea to do something about it now?

"At this point we do need to figure out how that figures in and with total capital expenditure and how we pay for that with the city of Canyon and we don't want to go in and do all the capital expenditures in the next year or two years and increase our property taxes by 50% and you know that's just the road nobody wants to go down either but long term we gotta figure out how to take care of the kids with the pool but also water for future years as well," says Gary Hinders, City Commissioner.

During the commissioners recent budget meeting, the Assistant City Manager requested up to $40,000 for a consultant to develop the committee's ideas for a new city pool facility. And funds to further the project were questioned by Commissioner Gary Hinders. "My question is just to spend 40,000 dollars on the study, I'm not sure that we are there yet, our 5% increase in property taxes only yields us $90,000, so to use that much of it on a pool study, I think we need to step back and see what we can do maybe on our own verses hiring someone outside," says Hinders.

But everything is only up for discussion at this point. And according to the city some groups have expressed their interest in having the more than 60 year old pool improved. "And the feasibility study doesn't commit the city to anything, it simply gives us a general idea of what it would cost to build a facility and then the tax payers would have an option to make a decision on what they wanted to do," says Jon Behrens, Assistant City Manager for Special Projects.

According to the pool staff about 150 people use the city pool daily and this topic was first recommended to the city commissioners a year ago. "And I think that there will be more questions that others will have and more discussion in our next city commission meeting," says Behrens.

The next city commissioners meeting will be held on August 18th at City Hall.
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