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Area cities will soon see Lake Meredith Water in their homes

Amarillo, TX - Surrounding cities will finally see Lake Meredith water in their faucets after two years.

Lake Meredith water has been pumping since July 29 to be distributed to area cities.

Tim Loan, the Assistant Utilities Director for the City of Amarillo, said we have yet to see the water the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority has pumped, however he also said it's on its way and may be here by Tuesday for treatment.

"Amarillo's allocation from CRMWA is about 30.1 million gallons per day, of that 30.1 we receive from CRMWA," Loan said. "Then about 3.7 million gallons per day may be lake water, we then take that lake water and well water blend, and it gets further blended with additional, almost twice as much well water, at that point."

Loan explains this means the water from Lake Meredith will be a small percentage of the water you will see in your home. With the diluted mix of CRMWA well water and city well water, your tap will only have at most 3 percent of lake water in it, due to the drought. 

However, with more rain comes a decrease on the dependence of water we take from the Ogallala Aquifer. 

"Surface water is a renewable resource." Loan said. "Groundwater, for the most part in our area, is not a renewable resource, and so we want to use those renewable resources first. Save that well water for years down the road."

Loan said CRMWA will continue to pump water for the next 60 days and will then re-evaluate the lake's water level to decide whether pumping is still something that could be done.

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