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Helping send a piece of home to our Troops overseas

Despite military pullouts, thousands of American soldiers including several from the panhandle are still stationed abroad. But recently, some local organizations say donations have slowed down, making it harder to send care packages over seas.

In a world that's thousands of miles away, life can be anything but normal for the soldiers still fighting for freedom. Sgt. Jonathon Murry knows this all too well. He has served in three tours, all in Iraq. "It's a different world. Everybody speaks different languages, it's totally different," he told us.

But one thing that helped to keep him going was support from his family and community, sometimes coming in the form of cardboard boxes. "Care packages are awesome to get. When we get them they also have different letters in them thanking us for our service. So, it makes them feel special, it makes them feel wanted and that they are doing a good job and that they have a purpose in life," Sgt. Murry said.

That's where Luan Martin comes in. She is the care box coordinator for America Supports You Texas, a non-profit organization helping to send a little piece of home overseas. Most times she can be found packing up those boxes with things like beef jerky. "I got another 2000 bags (of beef jerky) yesterday delivered to my garage, so it's never ending, but it's okay. They need it, they need the moral support," Martin told us.

It's a labor of love, sending over 7000 boxes since 2002, because she knows they will soon be filling the hearts and stomachs of our soldiers. But getting those boxes to our troops can be a challenge. "Two year's ago we had $14,000 worth of postage. So the postage is astronomical," she said.

Since the group is a non-profit, all of that money needed for postage is collected through fundraisers. But recently, things have been a little slow. "Sometimes I'll say something about raising money for postage and they say 'do we still have troops over there?' Yes we still got troops over their and they are in more danger right now than they've every been because there are less troops," said Martin.

That's why she continues to set up fundraisers around town, like the one that will be happening this weekend at the People's United Bank, Hillside and Coulter locations.

On Friday, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., or on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. you can swing by either location to make a donation. Or you can purchase a "Back-to School" backpack for $10. You can also purchase a Sonic Card, which contains food/drink coupons, good through 2015.

All of the money will go directly to funding the postage needed to send those boxes to our troops. Something as simple as a donation, or paying $10 for a new backpack, just in time for school, can make a world of a difference for those who are sacrificing so much.

"If they can help give some money to help ship these packages over to help boost the moral of those soldiers who are fighting these nation's wars, it's so important," Sgt. Murry said.

You can also make donations by following this link below:

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