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Canyon proposes tax rate increase

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Canyon, TX - After losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, the City of Canyon is refiguring their budget to make up for lost funds.

Back in 2008, residents of Canyon voted on a senior and disabled tax freeze. The tax freeze caused the city to lose out on more than $300,000 in revenue and now they are playing catch-up.

The City of Canyon Commission is proposing a five percent tax rate increase, which is two cents more than what property owners are currently paying. That would be anywhere from $23 to $26 extra dollars in taxes each year for the average homeowner. The money would add about $91,000 to the city budget each year.

"The city is growing," said Mayor Quinn Alexander. "We've had a very good track record here the last couple of years. We're growing and as we grow, the needs grow. The City of Canyon has about 65 employees and we're serving 13,300 and a lot of the tourists that come in. And WT is one of our biggest assets here so they are serving more than just 13,000."

The money from the tax increase would go towards a variety of services like police protection and infrastructure improvements. "Things that we're planning today and budgeting for today, sometimes we're looking into the future as well. So that's our challenge is to continue to grow manageably, keep up with our infrastructure, and to continue to do what cities are supposed to do and provide services," said Alexander.

Residents of Canyon are torn by the proposed tax rate increase. "Well at this time, I would be opposed to it. My taxes are high enough now and I just feel like I don't want to spend anymore of my money on taxes," said resident Don Dolle.

Frank Bryan is more optimistic. "Two cents isn't much. I mean, as long as you don't keep increasing it every year, then I guess two cents is not that bad."

The first public hearing on the proposed tax increase is August 18.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10