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Refugees In Amarillo

Amarillo, TX -- With the immigration crisis happening along our border, questions have come up about whether those illegal immigrants could make their way to Amarillo.

The City of Amarillo has the highest amount of refugees in the country. When the refugees arrive to Amarillo they are already legal in the United States and working on their permanent residence. They have established with the U.S. that they have a enough proof and credibility to be here and not returned to their country.

"So the refugees that are sent here, the idea is, that they will become part of the community, they'll integrate into the community, they'll get jobs and they'll be comfortable and they'll be able to resettle comfortably and become part of our society," says John W. Lawit, Immigration Attorney.

Amarillo has been doing refugee resettlement since 1979. Even though right now Amarillo is a staging ground for refugees, it does not mean we will not see a shift of who comes in the future. The United States has the biggest immigration system in the world.

"We process annually, in the United States, you know a million immigrants per year, in fiscal year 2010, there were over 26 million non immigrant admissions into the united states," says David Strange, Immigration Attorney.

The President sets an annual cap upon the number of refugees for every continent of how many deserving people can cross over. At that point different organizations help with placing the refugees around the United States.

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