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Instagram users beware of inappropriate accounts showing explicit photos

Instagram has a basic term policy that states you cannot post nude or partially nude photos, but that rule is not stopping some users. 

A local Instagram user came to NewsChannel 10 with concerns about inappropriate Instagram accounts. To protect their privacy we will not release their name. 

"It's just showing everything on girls. It's ruining high school girls right now, because one of my friends is on it and she was devastated," said the concerned user. 

These inappropriate users will follow your account on Instagram. But, if you want to see their content, you have to promote their page. 

"You have to take a screen shot of their page and post it to your page. Then you are accepted and you can look at the photos," said the concerned user. 

We spoke with a local prosecutor who says there are many things to consider in this issue. In Texas it is not illegal if an adult shares an inappropriate photo of another adult on a social media site.

But this changes when dealing with minors. 

Assistant District Attorney for Randall County, Amy Rhoads says minors will face a Class C Misdemeanor. 

Which means you could have to pay a fine up to $500. If the people in the photos are under age, whoever is running these accounts could face serious charges. 

"The most obvious one is possession of child pornography. Also, possibly display of harmful material to a minor, possibly sexual performance by a child," said Rhoads. 

Rhoads says Texas will most likely discuss the issue of adults sharing explicit photos over social media in their next legislative session. 

"They might include possible charges of harassment, or displaying something without that person's permission because it has become an issue," said Rhoads. 

Parents and all Instagram users are urged to be cautious about these accounts. 

A few of these inappropriate accounts have been deleted, but there are still more of them out there.  

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