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Amarillo welcomes new charter school to area

Amarillo, TX - A new charter school in Amarillo is aimed to help struggling students find education past high school.

Premier High School has been around for almost 15 years throughout the state of Texas, Arkansas and Indianapolis. As a sister program to Vista College, Premier has now made its way to Amarillo to meet the needs of our learning community.

The high school is a responsive education program that gives students of all walks of life an opportunity to receive hands on learning. According to Manuela Allen, Director of the Premier High School of Amarillo, the program teaches students how to learn, study and be successful in all things. "We teach them how to research, and then to learn eventually about colleges and wanting to get into colleges, and so it's a boost in terms of what I want to do with my life and to help people become educated individuals," Allen said.

Premier High School is setting a road map for their students by requiring them to have a college letter of acceptance before they graduate. Allen said this helps to promote longevity in education. She also said the organization is tuition free and funded federally, by the state, and locally. "In a traditional environment you don't see the kids you really want to help... so being a free public charter school, it allows us that ability to bring in everyone to address the issues and prevent dropouts," Allen said.

"In this country, every 26 seconds we have 26 dropouts, that's way too many for our country and so it's just really rewarding to have students that I know will go on, they will go into college or community college or trade school or in the military and be successful and not be a drain on our country."

Allen adds that Premier has already enrolled 90 students with 25 potential applicants still being reviewed and is located at 3242 Hobbs Rd.

The new charter school will now be one of three charter schools in Amarillo including Vista and Richard Milburn Academy, all of which are free to attend.

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