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Dallas homicide rates at 10 year low

Dallas homicide rates at 10 year low

Dallas, TX - Police officials report that Dallas is on pace to record a 10-year low in murders happening in the city.

Authorities say they have recorded 69 killings in 2014. At this same point last year, there were already 85 murders.

Experts credit the improvement to a holistic approach to policing, an improving economy and better trauma care.

If the trend continues, the city would have fewer than 120 homicides by the year's end.

Officials report that there were 143 murders last year. This figure would be significantly less than the 10-year-high of 248 in 2004.

Currently, the decade low is 133 happening back in 2011.

Assistant chief of police Randy Blankenbaker calls the numbers a milestone, but says there is still more work to be done.
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