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New findings released in pot brownie case

New findings released in pot brownie case

Williamson County, TX - Newly released lab results could help in the case against Jacob Lavoro, the Texas teen who is facing a potential life sentence in prison for making and distributing laced brownies.

Lab results found 2.5 grams of THC in the hash oil and brownies confiscated from Lavoro's home. This is an important fact for the defense who plans to argue that Lavoro should be charged based on the weight of the THC and not the weight of brownie mix and tupperware.

Supporters of the troubled teen rallied outside the Williamson County Justice Center Wednesday afternoon.

It was a small turnout, but a stack of 243,000 signatures were presented asking the district attorney to reduce Lavoro's charges to a misdemeanor.

The 19-year-old was in court for a brief pretrial hearing. His attorney is currently waiting for an indictment by a grand jury with plans to file a motion to suppress evidence, claiming the police searched Lavoro's apartment illegally.

A grand jury is expected to indict the teen in two weeks.
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