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Soldier surprises mother on early arrival

Amarillo, TX - An area soldier comes home early after being deployed in Afghanistan and surprised her mother.

Sgt. Hernandez, an active duty army solider has served our country for five years and was deployed for over 9 months but according to her mother, the soldier was going to have to stay an extra three months before making it home.

Sgt. Tori Hernandez grew up in a single-parent household, helping raise four siblings. Tori sacrificed quality time and holidays with family and friends to defend our country. Serving overseas, one of the main people this soldier looked forward to hearing from was the woman she always looked up to, her mother.

"She was there to help to guide me, to lead me on a better path and make sure that I was turning to God and to make sure that I was praying and to never quit. She would always make sure that I would never quit," says Sgt. Tori Hernandez.

And her long time family friend Staci Fairwather, helped set up the surprise. "She's just always wanted to make her mom proud and you can tell everything she's done is basically for her mom," says Fairweather.

The last time Sgt. Hernandez had any contact with her mother was a few days ago via text. "She thinks that I'm still in Afghanistan right now so hopefully nobody spoiled the surprise and hopefully she doesn't cry too much because my mom is a crier, she's very emotional." says Tori.

Cruz says when she heard her daughter would have to stay an extra three months overseas, it was one the hardest things to accept. "I haven't seen her and I was just so relieved that she was home and I was scared for her over there, I hadn't heard from her so I didn't know what was going on and she had told me she was going to have to stay there longer and I was praying to God that she would be OK," says Cruz, "You can't describe the feeling I'm having, I'm just so happy."

Tori and her mother both say they are looking forward to some mother-daughter time.
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