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Local dentist helps cancer patient through The Pinks

Amarillo, TX - Janis Caldwell found out she had breast cancer in March.

"In April they had me in surgery. They had to remove some of the lymph nods because it had already gone into the lymph nods," said Caldwell.

After a successful surgery, Janis is now cancer free. But still needs to take cancer medication.

"To take the rest of my cancer medication all of my teeth are going to have to be extracted and without it, there's too big of a chance of it causing infection in the jaw bone," said Caldwell.

The procedure was too expensive for Janis, who thought she would not be able to do it. So, she reached out to a community biker group in Amarillo called The Pinks, who work to raise money for women in the Panhandle who are battling breast cancer.

The Pinks spokeswoman, Gylinda Keiser say they were happy to help Janis.

"Breast cancer doesn't just happen on a certain day. So, it's real important that we help those in need," said Keiser.

Doctor Kevin King heard about Janis's story on NewsChannel 10 and said he would do the procedure for free.

"Everybody here, the local dentist always do what they can to give back to the community," said King.

And Janis says knowing that there are people in the community like The Pinks and doctor King that help others makes her feel blessed.

"I can't express the gratitude I have for these people. I have been so blessed with what they are doing, what they have done," said Caldwell.

Doctor King is also working with a dental lab that will provide dentures for Caldwell. She will have her teeth pulled on August 14th.

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