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Amarillo 48 Hour Film Project to encourage local filmmakers in the Panhandle

Amarillo, TX - For the first time in the Panhandle, local film makers will put their skills to the test. 

These teams will have 48 hours to write, film, and edit a short film. 

Co-producers Caroline Kenealy and Ryan Haberern are running the project in Amarillo.

"Team wills how up on August 15 at 7 p.m. to draw a genre, a prop, a line of dialogue, a character's name and occupation which them must include in their script," said Kenealy. 

After the 48 hours are up, the teams will submit their films for judging. The project producers say the best thing about making a film is that it can be simple. 

"Most teams that I've since sign up, not just here but everywhere...they use just regular DSLR cameras or a cell phone," said Haberen. 

But this competition is more than just fun and games. 

"When a film maker's filming they're spending money. Also when film makers are filming, they're making money. So if we can have a strong local Indie film community we can have a strong economy," said Kenealy. 

And Eric Miller The Chamber of Commerce agrees. That's why they've decided to support this new project in Amarillo. 

"We have an Amarillo Film Commission, our job is to help bring films, film making, and that whole craft to Amarillo," said Miller. 

Miller also says he hope this competition will be the first of many to come in the future. 

"We are very excited to help our entire creative community express themselves," said Miller. 

Right now the competition has only 4 teams signed up. Sign up's are open until the day of the competition. 

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