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Mobile immunization clinic heads to Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - The Department of Public Health said they sometimes struggle to get people to come in for vaccinations, so they will soon bring the vaccines to them.The mobile immunization clinic aims to make Amarillo a safer and healthier place to live by reaching out to the under-vaccinated population.

The vaccination clinic in RV form is rolling into town this September to offer a variety of services that target adults. "We have a very robust childhood vaccination program in the state of Texas. The adult vaccination program is not quite as robust, so we are hoping to fill in some of those gaps," explained Public Health Assistant Director Casie Stoughton.

The mobile clinic is equipped with three screening rooms to administer immunizations, and the available vaccines will exceed what the Department of Public Health currently offers. "We are able to offer some adult vaccines through the health department on a very limited basis. We only have a few vaccines currently, so this project will allow us to offer a wide range. All of the adult vaccines from the HPV vaccine to the Shingles vaccine," said Stoughton.

Other than vaccinations, the clinic on wheels will be able to field test for HIV and STDs. One of the screening rooms can also make a high-tech transformation. "One of the exam rooms can be converted into what's called a negative airflow room. So if we needed to test or treat patients for a disease that needed to be contained in a negative airflow room, then we could do that as well," said Stoughton.

The mobile clinic aims to combat factors like inconvenience and transportation that sometimes deter people from getting vaccinated. "If we are right there on site and it is easy to get shots, we are hoping that people will utilize that service," added Stoughton.

The health department said to contact them if you know a specific area in Amarillo that could benefit from the mobile immunization clinic. They are open to requests for where their presence in the community is needed.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10
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