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Water Waster Report

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Despite our recent rains some businesses were still caught wasting water. But not all of them were aware of it.

As our rain totals continue to climb, the city's water usage is on it's way down. On Monday, city data shows around 49 million gallons of water were used. In 2011, around this time last year, that number was closer to 88 million gallons."So far this year up to today (Wednesday), we've had just under 12 inches of rain, 11.93 which is pretty close to normal. At this same period in 2011, we had just 2 inches of rain and really all of 2011 we had 7 inches of rain the whole year," 'Doppler' Dave Oliver told us.

But it's not just the rain that's helping keep water usage down."It's not as hot this summer," 'Doppler' Dave said. "In 2011 we hit 100 degrees 50 times, that was a record. So far this year in Amarillo, we've only hit 100 degrees twice and we've had just as many days below 90 as we've had above 90," he added.

As a result, it seems like fewer people are wasting water. But, in some cases the issue goes unknown. This week, we received photos of broken sprinkler heads at Fenton Mazda Motors, Fazoli's Restaurant and the Chasewood Apartments.

When we reached out, all three businesses claimed to be unaware of the problem, but were all willing to fix it.

We also received a photo of what looks like a broken sprinkler head at Thompson Park.When we reached out to the city, they told us the photo was taken when sprinklers were actually being fixed. In order to make the necessary improvements, city officials say the system had to be turned on to locate the problem.

As always, thanks for sending your pictures to waterwasters@newschannel10.com

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10
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