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DPS requiring 10 fingerprints to get a driver's license

A new policy by the Department of Public Safety is getting some mixed reviews from the public.  

When it comes time to renew your driver's license, or get a new driver's license...you will now have to hand over 10 pieces of information. 

What was once just one finger print to get a driver's license, has now turned into 10. You will now have to photo scan all 10 of your finger tips.

According Tony Fulton with the Wichita Falls DPS, the 10 fingerprint policy was implemented earlier this year after funding for this expansion was approved by the Texas legislature.

"The actual instruments actually came up online the end of 2013, beginning of 2014. That was when they actually started taking those prints," said Fulton. 

And the reason behind this change is to help reduce fraud and identify theft.

Amarillo resident, Rolly Black says if we can see that it is going to help, then everybody is going to be on board. 

The DPS says 10 fingerprints, rather than just one can accurately establish a person's identity.

"Ensuring that the person getting that identification of that driver's license is the actual person doing it," said Fulton. 

The DPS is also hoping this change will deter terrorist and other criminals from getting a Texas driver's license. 

There are some that are opened minded to this change.

"I'd like to know more, I'd like to hear more and I think that's part of being a good citizen and being aware," said Black. 

But local civil rights attorney Selden Hale disagrees.   

"It's just some more intrusion on by the police on the rights of privacy of people," said Hale. 

Hale also adds that it is unnecessary and that there is no need for 10 fingerprints. 

The DPS adds that the fingerprint images are not used to search an applicant's criminal history. 

There is no way of opting out of this new policy. If you don't want to scan all 10 of your fingerprints, you will simply not get a driver's license.

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