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The American Quarter Horse Association is making some internal changes

Amarillo, TX -- Some restructuring is happening at one local international headquarters. 

The American Quarter Horse Association says it's preparing for the future. 

Last week, 14 positions were eliminated. The association says it was not a particular department where the job cuts took place.

It was just an over all audit where the association felt some jobs could be merged by passing a different task on to other employees or departments. 

And the association is also preparing for a new executive vice president before current VP Don Treadway retires next year.

"Our goal is to always operate the business where we are making a profit, so that's why we look at all of these different areas and the association is always looking for new ways to generate revenue and obviously is always going to play close attention to the expense areas of the association." says Tom Persechino, AQHA

AQHA says they are evaluating and reorganizing the way they do business to ensure a long lasting association. 

But they reassure the changes being made are to better benefit the members, who will not be affected. 

"Obviously when peoples jobs are affected, the first thing you are always concerned about is the human aspect of it and I think AQHA did a really kind job there, now it's just really time to buckle down." says Persechino 

AQHA has more than 270 thousand members worldwide in nearly 40 different countries. 

And around six million registered horses.

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