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Investigators uncover dozens of pot fields

Investigators uncover dozens of pot fields

Goodrich, TX - A deer hunter stumbled upon thousands of pot plants in what could end up being one of the biggest marijuana busts in Texas history.

Thanks to a deer hunter, Polk County deputies say they have already recovered 44,000 marijuana plants, adding that they have not even started clearing out 16 additional fields spotted by air.

Bulldozers are creating makeshift roads to help clear the pot out. The plants they can not haul off on land will be lifted out by helicopter.

The massive pot bust was discovered in Polk County, in Goodrich,Texas, just a few miles south of Livingston. Polk County deputies described the pot farms as a sophisticated operation that used water from a creek to hydrate the marijuana.

There was also a campground on the site. DPS officers teamed up with Polk County deputies, Livingston police officers and Polk County constables to uproot the marijuana plants from 10 fields.

Polk county inmates also helped load the plants on trailers. The operation is expected to be complete by this afternoon. So far, one arrest has been made but no names have been released.
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