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Amarillo To See Aid In Mental Health With Campaign Efforts

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Amarillo, TX - A statewide campaign has made it's way to Amarillo to help improve our mental health community.

The Texas Department of State Health Services launched "Speak Your Mind Texas" as a way to spread the message that help is available and recovery is possible with mental health. 

The campaign helps bring the proper materials for those who work in the mental health field to use in our local community that target youth and young adult's mental health needs. 

Brandi Reed, Education Director at Family Support Services said it's very exciting to see the campaign come to the community.

She said it will help young adults and teens see the stigma behind accessing mental health services is something that they shouldn't be afraid of.

"Others are going through what they're going through and they're not alone," Reed said. "And we want them to be aware of the resources that are available to them and what the community has to offer them and they feel supported."

Reed said the onset of mental health issues starts early. 

This campaign will help parents and teens to be more informed on the signs of mental health issues so they know when it's time to ask for help. 

Terri Witt, someone who is personally familiar with mental health issues within her family, said it's extremely important for patients to see a team approach while getting help.

"We need to have follow through, and system approaches that include family members," Witt said. "That team approach that's often used when somebody is diagnosed with cancer or when somebody faces some other crisis. Sometimes it's not there for the mentally ill and I think that kind of team approach is critical, and people do better when they're prepared and they have a team approach."

Witt said Texas is 49th in the nation for funding mental health issues and hopes this campaign will help increase the funding for agencies.

"We can do better and we need to keep saying that over and over again," Witt said.

The Texas legislature added more than $300 million in additional mental health funding for 2014 through 2015, which will be used to expand services, decrease wait lists, make improvements at state's mental health hospitals, and develop targeted efforts for veterans and young people.