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A gentlemen's club may soon be opening in Curry County

Amarillo, TX - One business about to open in Curry County is causing controversy.

It's the Clovis Gentlemen's Club and the proposed location is near Clovis Community College, which is not sitting well with many citizens who say the county needs to step up and protect their youth.

Strippers, men, alcohol and adult entertainment. "God's not going to bless this town if we let something like this happen." says Kip Defoor, parent and resident of Clovis.

"Listen community members, we want something for our families, bring in a business for our families," says Diana Duran.

It's a strip club sitting in the Curry County lines and planning to open it's doors this fall but not before a fight from a group of community members who say it's not welcome."We're demanding the county to put forth ordinances and regulations for this adult entertainment because right now without that, they could actually do whatever they want." says Josefita Griego, Head of Clovis Community Action.

Right now Curry County does not have an ordinance restricting sexually oriented businesses. But the city does have an ordinance which says adult entertainment can not be within 500 feet of an educational facility and one concerned parent says he has a daughter who attends the community college nearby. "I spoke to the guy who is putting it in, and I told him I said, I'm going to make it my mission in life to stop you, i said you can keep it in Dallas, you can take it to Chicago if you want to but we don't want it here, so i feel that 99 percent of the community will back me on this," says Defoor.

Also Curry County is dry. But the gentlemen's club plans to be private, meaning there could be a possible loop hole. "You're servicing minor children, that our driving themselves to this facility from 8 o'clock in the morning to 9:30 at night, so the safety of their well being in important to me." says Griego.

The mayor says this facility does not violate the cities ordinance but it's worth looking at possible zoning and operational regulations."My hope is that the county will address those issues and the city will also address them but because this particular facility is being proposed outside the city limits then the city really has no jurisdiction authority over where it's located or how it's operated," says Mayor David Lansford.

Some concerned citizens plan to be at the first city commission meeting in August.

The concerned citizens also have an online and paper petition going and claim to have over 600 signatures.

The group also has a Facebook page: Clovis Saynotocgc
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