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Long time family owned hardware store going out of business

Amarillo, TX - Everything is one sale at Beebe's Ace Hardware and Building Supply. But this is a final sale.

A marketing company has been helping the Beebe's get everything off their selves...because owners Parker and Phyllis Beebe say retirement is calling.

"We wanted to make this decision before one of us became a caretaker. We want to be able enjoy our retirement while we can," said Beebe.

The Beebe's thought about retiring eight years ago, but ran into some issues finding a buyer. "We were too small for the big companies and too big for the small operators and we just couldn't find the right buyer," said Beebe.

Beebe's first broke ground in the 20's. It was a huge success, fueled by the oil boom happening in Amarillo at the time. The Beebe family got involved in the business in the late 40's. "We had always had a big hardware business because we furnished everything that went in a house during the early years," said Beebe.

Beebe says although their employees are losing their jobs, they have been handling the transition easily. "Our employees are loyal, we're loyal to our employees and we have lots of loyal customers that we've served for a number of years," said Beebe.

But the customers are also understanding of this change ."A lot of the people that have already retired say we're making a good decision," said Beebe.

And the Beebe's already have plans of how they want to enjoy retirement ."We've thought about buying an RV and traveling to see all our kids.

Beebe says they have kids in California, Iowa, Lubbock, and South Texas...and says they haven't seen them in a long time due to running the business.
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