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Pampa Freedom Museum Receives a Piece of History

Pampa, TX - Pantex delivered an empty B53 nuclear weapon case to the Freedom Museum in Pampa today, which made many people of Pampa very excited.

President of the board for the Museum, John Triplehorn says this is wonderful to have in Pampa.

And many veterans in Pampa feel the same way about the new display of the B53 nuclear weapon case.

"It's just another item that portrays the history and the heritage of this country and the part the military played in it," said Triplehorn.

The bomb was dismantled in 2011 by Pantex. It weighs around 10,000 pounds and required many engineers to help dismantle it.

Process engineer for Pantex, Roger Jacobs said they ran into some issues trying to dismantle the bomb due to old technology Pantex had, but were able to figure it out and dismantle the bomb safely.

"After a lot of research, I think we came up with an excellent dismantlement process for it," said Jacobs.

The B53 was first put into service in the 60's during the Cold War. 

At the time it retired in 1997, the bomb was considered the oldest, largest, and most destructive weapon in the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

"A unique fact about this weapon is this is one of three in the United States built from an actual stock pile weapon," said Jacobs.

Historian for Pantex, Monica Graham says this is special to have it on display in Pampa. 

"It was kind of nice to see how they work together at Pantex, to bring this to the public and let them know about it," said Graham.

And officials at the museum are hoping this new valuable piece of history will encourage more people to stop by the museum.

"Our Chamber of Commerce said we are the number one tourist attraction for the City of Pampa and I think with this it will just add to it. People are going to want to see something like this," said Triplehorn.

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