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The Pampa school district is teaming up with a safety firm for the new school year

Amarillo, TX -- Pampa ISD has a new plan to keep students and school staff safe throughout the year.

The district has partnered with a safety firm called, "Prepared Response."

This gives local first respondents and school staff members the opportunity to come up with a safety plan for each school in case of an emergency situations. And "Prepared Response" has an action plan that includes local first responders working together with faculty and staff to come up with an emergency plan. All first responders will know and have access to a blue print of each school.

"The first responders will be able to access that information in real time and have information provided to them in their police vehicles and their fire command vehicles," says Stuart Smith, Director of Student Services, Pampa ISD.

And that information includes; knowing where every exit is located, where the concentration of students is and knowing the routine of each period of the day. "They'll be able to see it, they'll have pictures, landmark pictures to help guide them through buildings to get straight to it so they're not having to hunt through those type of things," says Smith.

Pampa ISD has seven school - 4 elementary, a junior high, a high school and a learning center and all of them will be involved in the new emergency plans.

"I look forward to having a great safe year and having no issues and just bringing a lot of preparation to make the year go smooth," says Smith.

School staff members and emergency personnel will be trained by the first day of school, August 25th.
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