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The Valero McKee Refinery works hand in hand with The Moore County Airport

Dumas, TX - Beginning in the 1930's, The Valero McKee Refinery in Dumas has been providing high quality diesel and jet fuel for Moore County...Which has impacted not only the area but their airport.

The ValeroMcKeee Refinery in Moore County keeps on working. Operations manager, Shannon Gillespie says they produce all year long and never shut down. And as they keep working, production has increased. "With the improvements in drilling technology we've seen an up tick or an increase in oil production," said Gillespie.

There goal is to continue to provide quality gasoline to friends and neighbors in the area. "The community is very supportive both of the facility and our refinery workers," said Gillespie.

And the Moore County Airport supports the refinery because of how its helped improved their airport. Manager of the Moore County Airport, Brandon Cox says a few years ago Valero Energy wanted to fly into their airport, but couldn't because their runway wasn't big enough. So Valero along with TxDOT Aviation helped the airport expand their runway. It's now 6,000 feet by 100 feet. Which has made the airport a prime spot.

"Our business has picked up tremendously since we have expanded and widen the runway. Our traffic has gotten really busy," said Cox.

And thanks to Valero, the airport's fuel is cheap for those who come in just to fuel up. "Our fuel is made at Valero Energy. So, we can keep our prices down and we get a lot of people stopping in just for fuel and going on to their destination," said Cox.

And as Valero continues to grow, it will benefit the stability in the refinery, employees, and Moore County. "We're proud to be apart of the Dumas community," said Gillespie.
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