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The City of Dumas is considered a growing home

Dumas, TX - City officials of Dumas say Dumas may not be your final destination, But a lot of people come through town. And with more people who might just be stopping by, they can see how Dumas has changed and what it has to offer.

City manager, Vince Dipiazza says many people know Dumas just from stopping here. And a big reason for that is Highway 287 and 87 that runs straight through Dumas.

Executive Director for the Economic Development Corporation, Mike Running says on average there are 18,000 cars a day. "Of that, 14,000 is new traffic that's coming in and every year that number is increasing," said Running.

And another increasing number is the city's population.

"Population is near 15,000 now. In the last census it was 13,000 and before that it was 12. So, there are people coming here," said DiPiazza.

And as more people come to Dumas, the city has been able to make some changes to some of their facilities in recent years. "We've had to do some improvements to basic infrastructure," said DiPiazza.

Most of their facilities haven't been remodeled since the 1950's. The City completed a new landfill, a new sewer plant, and built new water wells.

"Environmental awareness has changed a lot since then," said DiPiazza.

Another big change, is the city's growing businesses. Dumas has been pushing for more retail development.

"I think we're one of the tops in the states as far as what they call a retail growth persistence rating, meaning we're bringing in more retail at a higher or fast rate than the state of Texas on average," said Running.

The city has their economic eggs in a couple of different baskets, like energy, beef, and the ranching industry. Which is exemplified by our two largest employers in the county. JBS Swift and the Valero Refinery," said Dipiazza.

And all these components, along with the city's residents make Dumas what it is, a growing home. "The people in the Panhandle, the people in Dumas and Moore County have been incredible. They're quick to jump up and help to make something happen," said Running.

And Dumas is on the verge of getting even more recognition. Running says a movie production will take place in the city. The city will release more information on that as soon as a date has been set.
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