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Local Poison Control warns parents about new potent powdered caffeine

A powdered form of caffeine is making it's way into the hand of kids across the country. Now the local poison control center is speaking out, warning parents about the dangers associated with it.  

Caffeine has made it's way into just about everyone's lives. We use it to wake up, as an excuse to meet up with friends, or as an afternoon pick-me-up. But this kind is different.  

"We hear caffeine and we think of it as a common every day item so we don't think of it as something that could be problematic but we've never seen it being used like this before," said Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo with the Texas Panhandle Poison Center.

"This is extremely toxic and very concentrated. They must be very careful if they are going to choose to use it and use just a very small pinch amount," she added. 

The powder can be so potent that doctors say just consuming one teaspoon can be equal to drinking 20 cokes or 30 cups of coffee. 

One high school student in Ohio has already died from taking too much... Something that poison control says could easily become a reality closer to home.  

"I think as this emerges more and more we are going to see a lot of cases of toxicity and  unfortunately we are already hearing of deaths occurring from it," Jaramillo said. 

Other side effects include heart  palpitations or seizures. Because it is legal and not regulated by the FDA, doctors are concerned that people will accidentally consume too much.  

"Many of the places that are selling it are supplement companies so they are used to selling protein powder and those are taken in scoops and scoops. So now, you have a consumer who now has something else and they don't think that such as small amount will be toxic and it can kill you," Jaramillo said. 

If you think you or a loved one has taken too much of this powdered caffeine, you are urged to call the Texas Panhandle Poison Center at 806-354-1630, or go to your local hospital. 

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10

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