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Varsity Theatre remains open despite changing times

An historic theater in Canyon remains open after it was once thought to be closing down.  

It's been about four months since the Varsity Theatre in Canyon underwent some changes that left many people thinking it would be shut down.  

But now things are different and the owner and new manger tell us it's up and running, with no plans on shutting down any time soon.  

"I've always felt like this was an important historical part of our town and this is really the only entertainment that we do have, so I don't want to take it for granted," manager Teresa Wilbur told us.  

For years the Varsity Theatre has been fighting to stay open, battling with changing technology. With a film projector, and not a digital one, it's caused some challenges. 

"We've had some real struggles, we had a couple of movies that just didn't do well at all. Therefore you end up losing money as opposed to making a profit," Wilbur said. 

But the theater has managed to hold on. For over 65 years the theater has provided entertainment for thousands of people. But despite it's challenges, the manger and owner will fight to keep the doors open and all the seats full. 

As long as movies keep playing, local business owner Karen Green says the theater will do more than just make money for itself.  

"It goes so much further than the kids, because they want to go to the movies. So if the kids go to Amarillo for the movies, the parents are going to eat in Amarillo they are going to shop in Amarillo and then they are going to be in Amarillo and that's just going to take more shopping dollars from Canyon into Amarillo," Green said. 

The theater still works to show current release that are available on film.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10 

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