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Pampa Fire Department warning about bogus letter asking for money

Amarillo, TX - The Pampa Fire Department is warning residents of scam going around.

Within the last week some residents of Pampa have been receiving bogus letters asking for money.

"We were approached by a citizen who called up here and asked how we were soliciting the money for a charitable organization and what exactly would be done with the money and that kind of took us by surprise," says Chief Kim Powell.

The letters are asking for a minimum $30 donation. "It said to help fire victims and of course if we would want to help fire victims then we would want that money to be kept locally but it's not being done here." says Powell.

It's a five paragraph letter written from the firefighters charitable foundation president, Frank Tepedino stating they are a non profit organization whose mission is to provide direct aid to victims of fire or disaster. And they ask for donations to be sent to a San Antonio address.

Chief Kim Powell of Pampa called the 1-800 number that says you can call for more information and explained to the operator the situation about the recent letters some Pampa residents have been receiving and their concern. The operator responded by saying she didn't have any information and was a fairly new employee.

So NewsChannel 10 tried calling the Pampa number provided, two different times and no one ever picked up or called back. "We are a paid municipal department so we don't do that kind of fundraising on a normal basis, if we did that we would let everyone know what was going on, we wouldn't send out flyers as this is," says Powell.

After presenting the letter to some residents most were surprised by how legit the letter was formatted before noticing detailed glitches and they shared what their immediate reaction would be.

"I would call one of the fireman or the chief and ask them," says Jerry Wilmoth, Pampa resident.

"I probably would've sent money to them knowing you know by reading the letter and thinking that they need the help, so I would've probably sent the money to them," says Cassandra Petman, Pampa resident.

The fire department says if you receive a letter like this, call the fire or police department and do not ever give money to a charity or organization you are not sure about
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