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Gun law changes pass in Oklahoma

Gun law changes pass in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK - It may be a little more difficult to obtain a gun license in Oklahoma as the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says a new state law could affect people who are applying for gun licenses this year.

The agency said that the law going into effect on November 1st modifies the state's self-defense act making certificates expire after three years.

Previously, the certificates did not expire. The OSBI says residents who have completed a gun safety training course should begin the application process for a license as soon as possible.

Anyone who completed the training before November 1st of 2011 and who has not submitted an application by November 1st of 2014 will have to re-take the training course and get a new certificate when the new law goes into effect.

The OSBI says nearly 200,000 Oklahoman's are licensed to carry a concealed or unconcealed firearm.
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