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Suspect in Dalhart abandoned baby case bonds out of jail

Dalhart, TX - The woman accused of leaving an infant inside a dumpster in Dalhart this weekend bonded out of jail.

Police booked 21-year-old Shonnie Smalley into the Dallam-Hartley County Jail on a charge of injury to a child.

Baby Brooks, the infant found inside a dumpster on the 1800 block of Oak Drive, is in critical condition at Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo.

In an arraignment hearing, a judge determined Smalley is not a flight risk and set a bond at $50,000. Smalley paid a bond company $5,000, and they in turn paid the full $50,000 bond to release her from jail.

A local bond company said the bond is considered an extremely high bond, which means her bond company will likely take extra precautions to make sure she shows up to court. "That's a lot of money to lose out on if they don't appear in court," said Janie Montano with Central Bail Bonds.

When bonds are set that high, bond companies usually take some kind of collateral. "There are some risky bonds, and if they are risky and we don't feel like they're going to go to court, we'll take collateral to reinforce and make sure they go to court like take property. If they don't go to court, they lose the property," said Montano.

In cases like Smalley's, bondsmen will also require their clients to visit their office several times a week to guarantee they are still in town. These extra efforts are made because the bond company's money for the full price of the bond is on the line as well as extra fees.

"We have to pay for failure to appear, plus court costs. And if they leave the state, we have to pay for transportation getting them back to the county that we bonded them out from. So that costs a little bit," explained Montano.

If Smalley appears in court, Dallam County will reimburse her bond company the full $50,000 bond.
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