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Xcel Energy is investing in high voltage transmission lines in some of our southern counties

Amarillo, TX - Some of our southern counties will soon have more reliable power. According to an Xcel Energy spokesperson there is a strong agricultural demand as farmers and ranchers demand more electric power for irrigation purposes.

The Plainview area will soon have upgraded power plants in Dimmitt and Nazareth among other area towns.

"A lot of this was built in the 50's and 60's during some earlier growth periods and some of these lines are old, we needed some higher capacity lines so we've upgraded them from 69 to 115 and some cases 230 which doesn't mean a lot to the average person but they have more power carrying capability from these lines." says Wes Reeves, Xcel Energy Spokesperson

These high voltage transmission lines will be running through three substations.

The Newhart substation will connect to Castro county, Hart Industrial, Lamton and Kress substation,which leads into Kiser substation and connects to Cox which is a transmission being upgraded.

In total covering six different counties including-- Hale, Castro, Parmer, Swisher, Bailey and Lamb.

"That will bring more power into that area and also create a better, more reliable situation because if you have an outage on one line, if we got more lines, then you can re route power around that, so that will really help the customers in that area, especially the agri business in that area so it's really about economic development for out communities." says Reeves

According to Xcel Energy these new transmission lines allows more back up in case of bad weather. "Say we have a tornado move through this area and it takes out one of these lines, you have a network system you can actually move power around that area and isolate that one particular area while you're making repairs and you don't have everyone in the dark for two days so its a possibility, we have seen tornadoes and storms come through and damage our transmission system." says Reeves

The funds come out of rates that customers pay and ends up paying for the project within a 20-30 years. Construction is expected to be done by the end of this year.
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