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Affected Areas of The Double Diamond Fire are Looking Green

Fritch, TX - When we first told you about The Double Diamond Fire, Many Fritch residents were emotional over its destruction.

Fritch resident, Tammy White is still emotional over losing everything. She says after The Double Diamond Fire took her home, other people in the area were ready to give up on Fritch. "Before it was so dry and many people want to leave because of the fire and Lake Meredith levels being low," said White.

But thanks to some recent showers, water levels are up at Lake Meredith, and what once looked dead is starting to come alive.

Fritch resident, Allen Covington says it's beautiful near Lake Meredith now. Which is starting to change the mood for many residents in Fritch. "It just seems like it lighten up, people are more positive," said White.

And once Tammy starting seeing other people rebuild their homes, she thinks it started to make people want to come back or stay in Fritch. There are several lots under construction, trying to re-create what they once had. "well, we've had to get our land ready for the house to come in and be moved in. We had to borrow some dirt from our friendly neighbors to help us rebuild,"said White.

And friendly neighbors aren't the only ones being helpful. "There was a lot of people coming from coming from all over to help," said Covington.

"Lot of people in Fritch, the community, the churches, Borger, surrounding cities have contributed a lot," said White.

More residents in the area say as long as people continue to rebuild and enjoy Lake Meredith, then the future of Fritch could stand strong.

"I think it will be a good thing,"said White.

Many other residents we spoke say they've lived in Fritch for several years, and don't plan on leaving...even if they lost their home.
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