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Suds and Sounds-German Fest attracts thousands to Nazareth

One Texas town will see it's population grow by nearly ten times in just one day. Nazareth's German Fest and Suds and Sounds Musical Festival started out small more than 40 years ago.

But it's grown over the years, attracting not only thousands of people, but also thousands of dollars to benefit the small community.

Volunteer Marcus Brockman has been helping out for 15 years. He tells us the event takes up to 6 months to plan. But he says it's worth it, because money raised directly goes back to helping out the community. "It goes back to the Knights of Columbus. We use the money to help needy families in the neighborhood, to help some people who are going through some tough times. There's always a family in need and there are always people needing funds so we are glad that we can have this weekend and help everyone through out the year," Brockman said.

It takes the strength of the whole community (population around 300) to help put on such a big event. Since it started, the festivals have grown in size, now attracting up to 3,000 people, some even traveling as far away from Dallas.

Volunteer Dwayne Kleman estimates around 1,500 people will show up for the German Fest, and around 3,000 will be present for the concert, Saturday evening.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10
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