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Ama-Con generating money for downtown

Amarillo, TX - A convention being held this weekend is helping the Amarillo community while also generating more money for downtown.

The Amarillo Public Library is teaming up with Ama-Con this weekend to raise funds to support educational projects for kids.

Preparations are underway for the event where comic and science fiction enthusiasts come together.

They are expecting the turn out to be more than double last years.          

We spoke with one of the event coordinators, Cindi Wynia, who says this convention is something Amarillo doesn't typically see.

"We have a great community that loves anime, comic, and steam-punk. So we are meeting a need that has not been met before in Amarillo I think"

The event is going to be held at the Amarillo Civic Center and Center City expects at least 25-hundred people to attend.

They say this will be an excellent source of revenue for downtown.

The event starts Saturday morning at 11 and wristbands are five dollars at the door.


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