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Grand jury decides if Perry abused power

Austin, TX - Rep. Phil King is appearing before the grand jury to help determine whether Texas Gov. Rick Perry overstepped his bounds by following through on a veto threat.

A special prosecutor is investigating if Perry abused his power by threatening to cut $7.5 million in funds for the state public integrity unit run by Travis County District Attorney's office.

The unit investigates public corruption, motor fuels tax fraud, and insurance fraud. Perry said he would veto the funding if District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg remained in office after pleading guilty to drunken driving.

When Lehmberg refused to resign, Perry made good on his threat.

King, a Republican from Weatherford, went into the room at the Austin courthouse where the grand jury is meeting.

When asked the reason for his appearance, King said simply, "You probably know."

Prior to this, King led unsuccessful GOP-backed legislative efforts to rid the public integrity unit from Lehmberg's office.

Source: Associated Press
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