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Soon residents in Canyon will be limited on how many chickens they can own

Amarillo, TX - A new ordinance means fewer chickens for Canyon residents.

This week Canyon City Commissioners voted on an ordinance that would limit the number chickens per dwelling.

"If you want to bring animals being chickens in the city limits, that probably needs to be on the farm, we're gonna hold the owner of these animals accountable," says Chief Dale Davis, Canyon police department.

The City of Canyon says only four chickens are allowed per property and if you break that ordinance it could cost you a fine up to $500.

"I've never had any problems with neighbors having chickens but if you're going to have them I would think four would be a plenty." says Zona Christopher, Canyon resident.

Residents have to make sure their chicken coops are in their back yard and at least 50 feet away from their neighbors.

"We'll say it's in the middle of the block, and they got three houses, the one behind them, and two on each side that has to be a minimum of 50 feet," says Chief Davis.

Chief Davis says what prompted this new rule, goes back to what happen a year ago.

"Down in the Hunsley Hills area, we had a resident down there that had roughly 20 something chickens in the backyard, there was no coop and they were just allowed to run free," says Davis,

But not everyone agrees, some residents who live in or around the city limits say there's nothing wrong with having more chickens.

"I have a farm and I'm planning on having as many goats and chickens as I want, and I know a farm is different from the city but still people ought to be allowed to have more than four chickens in their yard for eggs and for food," says Georgeanna Deckard, Canyon resident.

Chief Davis also says they do not plan on making this ordinance hard on any resident and will do inspections based on the call of complaints and will give fair warnings.

"I haven't had any complaints from my neighbors and I usually get out and talk to them occasionally and I don't depend on downtown to handle that for me," says Trent Pekrul, Canyon resident.

This chicken ordinance will go into effect July 22nd.
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