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Phone scammers are using your own telephone number to scam you.

Phone scammers are adding a new twist and using your own telephone number to scam you.  

CEO for the Better Business Bureau, Janna Kiehl says this is called spoofing. 

And it's not just your phone number they can use.  

"They are also using the telephone number of a local business, or even your family, or friends. And that's what shows up on caller ID. So, you're more likely to pick up the call," said Kiehl. 

The BBB says this is starting to be a big issue.

"We've gotten a lot of phone calls in recent days and it it unusual," said Kiehl. 

Phone scammers will use this new way of getting you to pick up the phone to get your credit card information. All you have to do is press "one" to lower your interest rate.  

"If you respond, or press one to find out what her offer is, a lot of times she will just connect you to your credit card company," said Kiehl. 

Other scams are getting your number off a call list, or trying out a new software.  

Computer expert, Andrew Brandt says there have been a Microsoft scam going on for several years. 

"A  person will call you saying that they're from Microsoft, they want to look at your computer and they'll tell you your computer is running strange," said Brandt. 

And with the growing age of  technology, spoofing your phone number is not hard to do.  

"They use a voice over IP or internet phone system to get outbound calls," said Brandt. 

So, now it might be best to be more  careful when answering your phone.  

The Better Business Bureau says the easiest way to avoid this scam is to just hang up.  

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