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International Travel Increases Risk Of Disease

Amarillo, TX - Infectious diseases can be spread throughout the world with the constant flow of people going to and from countries.

With the summer months upon us, travel opportunities are increasing for many, and with that comes a higher risk of getting sick.

Although the U.S. didn't come back with a world cup title, it might have brought back some unwanted diseases.

With an estimated 600,000 people at the world cup from across the globe, a variety of uncommon illnesses can be spread.

According to the Amarillo Public Health Department, infectious diseases are most contagious from person to person.

Officials said traveling outside of the are you typically live in can lead to the possibility of coming into contact with different germs, bacteria and viruses you are not normally around.

In cases of mass gatherings, the normal diseases you might look to prevent are not the only ones you are susceptible to.

For example, the U.S. could bring other countries the measles, and the Caribbean could bring Chikungunya, a mosquito born disease, which has already made its way to Texas near Austin.

If you find yourself traveling to these locations, remember prevention measures are key to keeping not only yourself safe, but also your community.

The Health Department said it really wants to drive make clear the importance of prevention.Anytime a person can prevent from getting sick, the community at large is better off.

Some prevention practices included vaccinations before traveling abroad and good hand washing, which will prevent many many diseases.

If you're sick don't go to school or work, and if someone around you is sick you should distance yourself from that person.

Visit the CDC website for a detailed list of vaccinations you can receive before going abroad.

The website offers all countries, and with the click of your mouse, a list of necessary vaccinations will appear.

Also, if you would like more information on how to keep healthy when visiting other areas, call the Amarillo Health Department.
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