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Tulia receives its first narcotics dog

Tulia, TX - Officer Longoria is the newest edition to the Tulia Police Department, and brings not only experience, but his partner, Mirko.

"He's a very good dog, very loyal and we're a very good team together," said Longoria.

Officer Longoria and Mirko are wrapping up their first week with the Tulia Police Department. And they're looking forward to providing a service that has never been available to Tulia.

Mirko is a drug detection dog, and Longoria is his experienced handler. "I've had a lot of good conversations with the city manager, the chief, and some of the fellow officers...and we have a good vision and goal."

Mirko is trained to sniff out Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth. Chief of Police, Jeffrey Yarbrough says the best thing about Mirko is that he's a passive alerter.

"He doesn't do what many K-9's do, which is scratch up a vehicle or scratch up property. Instead, he sits," said Yarbrough.

Mirko is also a single purpose dog, which means he's not an attack dog.

"He serves the soul purpose of detecting narcotics," said Yarbrough. Which is something officer Longoria is looking forward to doing along 1-27. "When I was in Dalhart I was able to train some of the DPS Troopers on I-40. They have a lot of successs in Narcotic and Drug Interdiction and we'd like to do that on I-27," said Longoria.

And having Mirko can also benefit some agencies that don't have a K-9 unit, such as Tulia ISD.

"Our school district traditionally has contracted out that work to other companies, where as now we have a K-9 officer and a K-9 in our city that can provide those services at no cost," said Yarbrough.

Which means officer Longoria and Mirko will be together for a long time, even after he retires. "He basically stays with me. I feed him and I treat him like he's my own. So, when he retires he'll be staying with me," said Longoria.

Mirko and officer Longoria came from The Floydada Police Department. Officer Longoria paid for half of Mirko and The Floydada Police Department paid for the other. So, there was no expense to Tulia's Department for acquiring their latest drug enforcing asset.
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