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A local Veterinarian Offers a medication to calm animals down during fireworks

Bushland, TX - Fireworks will be lighting up the sky soon, and not all of our pets may like that.

Local veterinarians say animal owners need to be aware of their pets reactions to fireworks.

Veterinarian at Bushland Small Animal Clinic, Robin Carlson says the 4th of July is one of the primary days that we lose pets.

And it's also one of the primary days when pets become very anxious.

"You want to take special precautions with them during this time," said Carlson.

Veterinarian Carlson say it's best to keep your pet inside during the festivities.

"We see a lot of dogs that will try to tear through chain fences just because they're anxious about the fireworks," said Carlson.

While they're inside, it's also best to create a calmer atmosphere in your home.

"Provide some soft music in a quite room in your house," said Carlson.

Even exercising your pet can be helpful.

"Take them on a long walk, run or jog early in the day to help get some of that anxious energy out," said Carlson.

But another option Carlson recommends is a substance called Zylkene.

"It's not sedating and it's not a tranquilizer, it's actually a milk protein. It's safe for cats and dogs and it just helps calm them down," said Carlson.

If your pet is extremely anxious, Zylkene should be taken 1 to 2 days before the 4th of July.

Zylkene can also be used in any situation that can give your pet anxiety, like thunderstorms, traveling, and being around new people.

Not all vet clinics carry Zylkene, but we talked to several that have comparable products.
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