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Childhood Vaccinations Linked To Autism Myth

Amarillo, TX - The link between autism and childhood vaccinations has been called a hoax by a report in the latest edition of the medical journal Pediatrics. 

According to a recent study, some parents fear vaccinating their children could lead to serious health hazards.

However, reports suggest side effects from vaccines are rare.

Although not many parents are fond of the idea of hurting their child, getting them vaccinated is being called "one of the most successful public health achievements of the 20th century" by an editorial accompanying the report.

Mariada George, an Amarillo Pediatrician, said getting your children vaccinated from diseases that could otherwise kill them is extremely important.

George said the idea of children developing autism from the MMR shot, used to prevent measles, mumps and rubella, comes from an inaccurate study.

She said children can develop autism before they even turn one, and a new study may prove autism to be detectable while still in the uterus, therefore deeming the link to autism from vaccinations as untrue.

George also said not vaccinating your child can cause an overall harm to the community. 

She said if children do not get vaccinated, it is more likely that those children can give their diseases to others, causing a domino effect.

She also said vaccinations have been around over 50 years and have shown an increase in life expectancy for those who are vaccinated and also a decline in serious illnesses within children.

According to George, children can be vaccinated as early as birth and can receive up to seven immunizations at a time.

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