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Water levels rise at Lake Meredith

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Lake Meredith continues to see a steady flow of water after recent rains, but it's not just the rain helping lake levels rise.

This is the most significant growth to water levels Lake Meredith has seen since 2008 when lake levels went up about 8 feet.

Kent Satterwhite with the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority says in just one month lake levels have risen over 6 feet.

"The volume of the lake has increased by 50%, which is a lot of water. We are still hopeful that a lot of water is coming and there is still water between the lake and the bridge coming," said Satterwhite.

However, there are a few things other than rainfall that are contributing to the lake levels. A channel was built to help flow water into the lake.

"Before the channel was improved the water was just spreading out over the entire lake bed so there is a lot of surface area for evaporation and all the plants using it, so if it is going through a channel it is going directly to the lake. And that is the goal to try and get it into the lake itself."

Another thing helping the lake is ten thousand beetles released a few years ago to help with salt cedar trees that dry up water from the lake.

"The goal of the salt cedar beetle is to go and defoliate the salt cedar and if they do that a couple years in a row I think the salt cedar dies and that is what we hope they do," said Satterwhite.

If rains continue, water from the lake could be very beneficial to the city's water supply.

"This is a fabulous water supply and at some point we will be able to pump it again and conserve our local ground water resources," added Satterwhite.

Levels have risen to around 13 feet from a year ago last summer.